The Jasper County Chancery Clerk and her staff in Bay Springs and Paulding welcome you to our website.  We are at your service at all times to assist you and answer any questions you may have concerning the office and its responsibilities.

            Chancery Clerk is a title that encompasses a wide variety of duties and responsibilities.  Jasper County has two Judicial Districts, Bay Springs and Paulding, each having a separate Courthouse in which separate records are maintained for each District, making the duties of the Clerk double. The duties include but are not limited to the following:

Custodian of Public Land Records

  • Receive and record all documents (warranty deeds, deed of trusts, Powers of attorneys, oil instruments, military discharges, etc) to be in Public Land Records
  • Create and maintain various indexes for the documents filed in the public land records, such as sectional indexes, direct/reverse indexes, etc.
  • Process homestead exemption applications and assessment rolls for all county property and submit to the State Tax Commission
  • Account for all recording fees

Download these forms:
Land Record Filing Fees

Clerk of the Chancery Court

  • Attending each session of Chancery Court both in Bay Springs and Paulding
  • Maintain the Court dockets and file all records of the Court
  • Issue process for service upon defendants
  • Record and preserve court minute books
  • Process all civil commitments (mental health and drug and alcohol)
  • Receive and account for all various filing fees
  • Submit statistical data to the Administrative Offices of the Courts
  • Submit divorce and other statistics to the Mississippi Department of Vital Records
  • Process court records for appeals and submit to the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals
  • Serve as court appointed guardian, administrator, executor, conservator, or commissioner when called upon

Clerk of the Board of Supervisors

  • Attend all meetings of the Board of Supervisors
  • Prepare the minutes of each Board meeting
  • Assist the Board in equalizing the assessment rolls of real and personal property
  • Compile various reports on the Board’s behalf and submit them to other state governmental entities as required

County Auditor and County Treasurer

  • Receive, disburse and account for all county funds
  • Receiving and processing claims made against the County, which includes maintaining the county’s Docket of Claims
  • Pay all county bills and sign all county checks
  • Submitting a monthly report of all county funds to the Board
  • Receive and account for monthly and annual settlements from various county officials
  • Maintain various ledgers and accounts on behalf of other county offices

Collector of Delinquent Real Estate Taxes

  • Receive and maintain the list of lands sold for taxes on the last Monday of every August
  • Receive, process and account for all redemptions made and make a record of the same
  • Send notifications to all owners and lien holders after searching the records
  • Issue tax deeds on lands sold upon the maturity

Barbara Ravenhorst Chancery Clerk
District 1 & District 2


Barbara Ravenhorst
P O Box 38
Paulding, MS 39348
(601)727-4941 (p)
(601)727-4475 (f) 

Barbara Ravenhorst
P O Box 1047
Bay Springs, MS 39422
(601)764-3368 (p)
(601)764-3999 (f)

Youth Court

  • Maintain the Youth Court dockets and file all records of the Youth Court
  • Issue process for service upon defendants
  • Record and preserve the youth court minute books
  • Set Docket of cases for Court

About the Clerk
Barbara Downs Ravenhorst began working in the office of the Chancery Clerk as a Deputy in August 1974. She worked in various positions and duties in the Chancery Clerk’s Office as a Deputy Clerk until January 1, 1984, when the Board of Supervisors separated its office from the Chancery Clerk and employed a County Administrator.  She worked with the County Administrator’s office and later served as Comptroller for the county until she was elected Chancery Clerk in January 2004.  She has made great strides to keep the county current with updates and improvements and has brought Jasper County records into the computer age.  Most all of the Clerk functions can now be done at either of the Courthouses in the two districts.  She continues to make using the Chancery Clerk’s office more convenient for citizens and tax payers of Jasper County, and for attorneys, banks, and other institutions and persons who utilize the services of the office.

            “My staff and I are always happy to answer questions and to serve all citizens of Jasper County. You may contact me or my staff in Bay Springs at (601) 764-3368 or in Paulding at (601) 727-4041”


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