How Do I?

Where do I vote?

Call the Circuit Clerk's office at 601-764-2245 Bay Springs or 601-727-4941 Paulding

Where do I file a land deed?

Land deeds are filed in the Chancery Clerk's office.

How do I obtain a 911 address?

911 addresses are obtained through the Emergency Management Office.

Director:  Hudson Jenkins
Administrative Assistant:  Mandy Reynolds
P.O. Box 1106
Bay Springs, MS 39422
601-764-3800 phone
601-764-2035 fax

How do I obtain a marriage license?

The Circuit Clerk's office issues marriage licenses. You must bring a blood test receipt dated within the last 30 days, a picture ID, and if you are under 21, you must obtain your parent's signature on the registration form.

How do I vote absentee?

You can request a ballot up to 45 day in advance through the mail, or you can visit the Circuit Clerk's office.

How do I register to vote?

The minimum voting age is 18. You must register at least 30 days prior to any election to be entitled to vote in that election. In order to register, visit the Circuit Clerk's office. It is helpful to know your 911 address and social security number.

Do I need a license or a permit to open a business?

Yes. If the business is located inside the city limits, a license will be issued by the city. If the business is outside of the city limits and inside the county, the county Tax Assessor/Collector will issue your license.

When I sell my car, do I keep the tag?

Yes. You may also be eligible for a credit against future taxes. If the tag has not expired, take the tag and your original receipt to the Tax Assessor/Collector for a credit voucher.

Where do I get a car tag / license plate?

Car and truck tags are issued by the Tax Assessor/Collector. You have 7 working days from the date of purchase to register your vehicle. New residents moving from another state have 30 days to obtain a new plate. It is helpful to bring your automobile registration and/or title. New residents from another county in Mississippi can wait until their next renewal to change plates. Tags are usually valid for a period of one year from the date they are issued.

How do I file for homestead exemption?

Visit the Tax Assessor/Collector's office between January 2 and April 1.