Jasper County , MSJasper County maintains a friendly rural atmosphere, while offering all the amenities of larger cities and community. There is available access to four state highways (15, 18, 528, and 531),and Interstate 59 freight traffic and commerce flows steadily through the community. Freight is handled by Watco Rail Transportation Services, Norfolk Southern  Railroad, and five major truck lines.

Bay Springs Municipal Airport

Bay Springs AirportBay Springs has a 3000-foot utility airport Pine Belt Regional Airport, 30 miles south  of Bay Springs, that handles air freight and passenger service to and from the area. Renovations are currently being made at our airport.  Recent upgrades have been made to LED light system and radio control, and more upgrades  are coming.

Jackson International Airport is located 51 miles away. Key Field in Meridian is 20 miles northeast.

Jasper County has 4 major industrial parks within the county. There are two parks in Bay Springs and two in Heidelberg, all of which are site ready and have a strong infrastructure to support any industrial company.

The Bay Springs/Jasper County Judicial District II Industrial Park is among the highest rated in the state, and is served by rail and full utilities. There are currently 94 acres open for development.

 With adequate labor available, and excellent industrial parks, Jasper County has outstanding opportunities for industrial development.

These factors seem to indicate the economic climate is certainly strong enough to support growth and improvement for years to come. Jasper County is home to sixteen major employers.

The Bay Springs Expanded Industrial Park was completed in 1998. The Bay Springs/Jasper County Industrial Park #2 is located in Bay Springs, Mississippi. This site has a total of 100 acres, though only 94 acres are available for purchase. The largest tract that can be purchased is a 58 acre parcel. All utilities are located in the industrial park.

Bay Springs is located in east central Mississippi approximately 20 miles west of Interstate 59 and appproximately 23 miles south of Interstate 20. This industrial property is located adjacent to the Watco Railroad, 35 miles Rail Served. Nearest Commercial Airport: Pine Belt Regional Airport. The park is bordered by State Highway 15, as well as county roads and is served by Watco Rail Transportation Services.

Heidelberg Industrial Park #1

This fully developed park is located in Jasper County in east central Mississippi. This site has a total of 31 acres with 23 acres available. The site is owned by the City of Heidelberg and is zoned industrial. This industrial property has all utilities located on or adjacent to it. Heidelberg is located approximately 36 miles southwest of Meridian, Mississippi. The Heidelberg Industrial Park is located approximately 3 miles east of Interstate 59.

Heidelberg Industrial Park #2

Utilities are on the site. This site has a total of 72 acres, which can be purchased as one tract or divided into several parcels to meet any manufacturers needs. The site is owned by the Town of Heidelberg and Jasper County. This industrial park is zoned industrial. The Heidelberg/Jasper County Industrial Park #2 is located adjacent to Interstate 59.

Jasper County Economic Development District

Director  Haskins Montgomery
P O Box 611
Bay Springs, MS 39422
Phone: 601 764-2700 


Jasper County Industry

Jasper County Industrial Park #1


Alabama Timber
(Bay Springs Pole Yard)
3292 Hwy 15
Bay Springs, MSÂ 39422
Phone: 601-764-6495
Receiving yard for wooden poles, logs, and pulp.

Buckley Newspapers, Inc.
Zach Buckley, Manager
P. O. Box 449
3362 Hwy15
Bay Springs, Ms 39422
Phone: 601 764-3104

Printing – In addition to publishing the local weekly newspaper, this company publishes three other newspapers, as well as contract printing for other companies. They also operate a printing shop with state-of-the-art litho and color capability. They have been in operation since 1968 and employ 50 people.

HSI Corporation
Orland Stanford, President
P. O. Box 706
3358 Hwy 15
Bay Springs, MS 39422
Phone: 601 764-4131

Hydraulic cylinders and actuators – Another local industry, this company specializes in custom-built hydraulic cylinders, supplying those products to a wide range of equipment manufacturers. They have been in operation in Bay Springs since 1976 and employ 43 people.

Hol-Mac Corporation
Charles Holder, President
P. O. Box 349
Bay Springs, MS 39422
Phone: 601 764-4121
Industrial and commercial machinery; hydraulic cylinders – A local industry, Hol-Mac has been a mainstay of the Bay Springs business sector since 1963 as manufacturer of heavy steel fabrication, hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders, and hydraulic/fuel tanks. As a valued supplier for major Original Equipment Manufacturers nationwide, Hol-Mac employs over 470 people in their three plants located in Bay Springs. In addition, Hol-Mac also manufactures its own line of Pac-Mac Refuse and Recycling Equipment, which includes knuckle boom loaders, rear and side-loading garbage trucks, mobile compacting refuse/recycling trailers, trash trailers, trash dump bodies and refuse containers.

Jones Lumber Company, Inc./ Dixie Mats
Dale McGee, Plant Manager
P. O. Box 27
72 CR 1527
Bay Springs, Ms 39422
Phone: 601 764-3449
Hardwood lumber, dimension stock, and manufacture large mats – This sawmill specializes in rough-cut hardwood dimension lumber, delivered to other companies for further processing nationwide. They employ 30 people. Also manufacture large mats.

Peco Farms, Inc
Chuck Bell, Plant Manager
P. O. Box 1320
3683 Hwy 15
Bay Springs, Ms 39422
Phone: 601 764-4910

Poultry feed – A subsidiary of Peco Foods, this company manages the grow-out operation for the integrated poultry operation and produces all the feed for the broiler houses. The trucking operation for the company is also headquartered here. They employ 98 persons.

Peco Foods,Inc.
Ronnie Tolbert, Plant Manager
P. O. Box 1905
95 Commerce Drive
Bay Springs, Ms 39422
Phone: 601 764-4392

Poultry processing – The city’s largest employer, is located in Commerce Drive. Peco is the processing facility for an integrated poultry operation that includes grow-out and feed mill operations. The plant operates two shifts and employs 700 people. The company markets ready-to-cook poultry for the domestic and export markets. Peco has operated in Bay Springs since 1989.

Southern Industrial Contractors
Keith Blakeney, Owner
P. O. Box 545
6 Jimmy Aycock Drive
Bay Springs, Ms 39422
Phone: 601 764-3008
Industrial fabricators and contractors – The new plant in the industrial Park, this company performs material handling, heavy hauling and installation for industry throughout the south. Some of the services the company specializes in are conveyor construction, cooling tower installation and repair, HVAC systems and millright and industrial piping work. They have 15 full-time and 30 part-time employees.

Jasper County Industrial Park #2

McNeil Cabinet
Phillip McNeil, Owners
P. O. Box 386
29 CR 1521
Bay Springs, Ms 39422
Phone: 601 764-2100

Cabinets and millwork – This local company specializes in custom-built hardwood cabinets and woodwork for residential and commercial sites. They also do sub-contract commercial millwork. They have been in business since 1984 and employ nine persons.

In Jasper County (not within Industrial Parks)

Bryan’s Pallets
Paul Bryan
Keith Bryan
822 Lake Como Road
Laurel, Ms 39443
Phone: 601 649-8786
Wooden pallets & containers

Chatham Enterprises
Chuck Chatham, Owner
P. O. Box 81
Rose Hill, Ms 39356
Phone: 601 727-4951
Trampolines, utility buildings, car shelters

Robert Deherle, Plant Manager
P. O. Box 570
71 Georgia Pacific Road
Bay Springs, MS 39422
Phone: 601 764-3193
Dimension lumber; wood chips – The Bay Springs sawmill has been in operation since 1973, producing dimension lumber from locally harvested Southern Pine timber. The company works 110 persons producing the 1×4, 2×4, and 2×6 dimension lumber for the building industry.

King Equipment and Dozier Service, LLC
621 CR 7
Stringer, MS 39481
Phone: 601 729-3111
Fax: 601 729-2551
Commercial and Residential Site Work
Clearing and Grubbing
Excavation and Drainage

Glenn Harrison, Owner
51 CR 235
Laurel, MS 39443
Phone: 601 426-3825

Metal roofing & siding

Southern Industrial Technologies, LLC
Van & Reggie Sumrall
Stringer, MS 39481
Phone: 601 433-4552

Production Outsourcing, Process Equipment Fabrications
Equipment Sourcing, Equipment Reconditioning

Tri-County Ready Mix
P O Box 148
Stringer, MS 39481
Phone: 601 649-2887
Fax: 601-649-9698

Concrete and Aggregate Needs



Logan Oil Field Service
1549 County Rd 223
Heidelberg, MS 39439
Phone: 601 787-4407

Clarkco Services Inc
3313 County Road 230
Heidelberg, MS 39439
Phone: 601 787-3447

Hays Petroleum Inc
3559 County Road 230
Heidelberg, MS 39439
Phone: 601 787-3156

V A Sauls Inc
Heighway 528 E
Heidelberg, MS 39439
Phone: 601 787-4321

A & B Pump & Supply Inc
605 Highway 528 W
Heidelberg, MS 39439
Phone: 601 787-3741

Eagle Oil & Gas
Hales Rd
Heidelberg, MS 39439
Phone: 601 787-4565

Denbury Management Company
109 Pine Street
Heidelberg, MS 39439
Phone: 601 787-2118
Phone: 601 787-3111

Tellus Energy Group
Heidelberg, MS 39439
Phone: 601 787-3445

B & B Oil Well Service
906 North Magnolia Avenue
Heidelberg, MS 39439
Phone: 601 787-2000

Full Circle Pump & Supply
P O Box 975
Heidelberg, MS 39439
Phone: 601 787-4004

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