Courthouse Paulding
Courthouse, Bay Springs
Of Mississippi's 82 counties, only ten have dual county seats due to the division of court districts. Jasper is a county with two county seats, one courthouse is in Bay Springs, and the other is in Paulding. In 1906 by an act of the Legislature, Jasper County was divided into two Judicial Districts, with Paulding as the seat of the Eastern District and Bay Springs the seat of the Western District.

In 1935-36, a road was built from Bay Springs to Rose Hill,  the first road connecting the two districts. This road facilitated travel and increased the stature of Bay Springs as a trading area.

Paulding was settled in 1833 and was a thriving and important center prior to the Civil War and was known as "The Queen City of the East". It once had a population of over one thousand, and during the ante-bellum period, it was a metropolis.

Reconstruction devastated Paulding. Soon after reconstruction, a railroad was to be built through Paulding. The county refused to pay for it and the citizens could not afford to pay for it, so the railroad was built through Bay Springs instead.

The old courthouse at Paulding was built out of local materials, including clay which was dug up and baked nearby. It burned in 1932 with the loss of all records.
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