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Whether you want a new place to call home, a storefront for your business, or a site location for industry, we in Jasper County welcome you and offer great support to assist you!

Natural Spring in Gazebo in Bay Springs

Natural free flowing spring in the Gazebo at City of Bay springs

Natural springs flow abundantly throughout the area. We have a warm climate, suitable for spending time outdoors most of the year. Jasper County has many lovely spots to enjoy, and we are conveniently located to resorts and city amenities, fine dining, shopping, gaming and great entertainment.

We are one of Mississippi’s leading producers of gas and oil. Most of these valuable resources are located in and around Heidelberg in Jasper County.  We also lead the state in timber, cattle, and poultry  production.


Lake Claude Bennett in Jasper County, near Paulding.

Lake Claude Bennett in Jasper County, near Paulding.

Wild game and fish are abundant and  provide major outdoor recreation. Lake Claude Bennett, a MSWLP,  is located near Rose Hill and is a great recreational spot with good fishing and camping.  With fishing rodeos for kids and other great amenities,   visit Lake Claude Bennett and see what we have to offer!




There is also a well-known, highly rated 9 hole golf course in Jasper County at Bay Springs Country Club.  The course is very well maintained. The club has a  large pool and many tournaments and other events  to enjoy.

Bay Springs Country Club in Jasper County

Much of our county is rural and offers peaceful, gracious country living, while being in near proximity to city amenities. There are beautiful lands available for building homes with acreage.

We encourage you to visit Jasper County Mississippi, and see what we have to offer!

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