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West Jasper LogoThe West Jasper Consolidated School District has as its mission to provide a quality formal education for the youth in our community.

The administration and faculty believe that the function of the public school is to offer an environment and a curriculum that is conducive to the maximum development of each child’s mental, physical and social faculties.

We also believe that the school should inspire in each student those attitudes toward life, which embrace dignity, self-respect, self-esteem and the rights of the individual so that he/she will be able to be a constructive and productive citizen of the community.

We further believe that good dedicated teaching is essential to insure the learning process and that the school, the home, and the community must work cooperatively with one another, sharing the obligations of preparing the student to contribute to society.

The staff development program provides training and support activities for achieving planned behavioral changes for the certified staff.  Such effort should assure an orderly, healthy, and safe climate when students are in the care of the school district.


Warren Woodrow, Superintendent West Jasper School District

  Warren Woodrow, Superintendent
  West Jasper Consolidated School District
  Bay Springs, Mississippi 39422






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To translate our mission statements into effective educational practice, the West Jasper Consolidated School District has established these goals:

    1.  To emphasize basic skills achievement instruction for all students in the             district.  The district  will accomplish this goal by:

    • Providing sufficient amounts of time for instruction in basic skills.
    • Determine appropriate curriculum for each pupil according to individual needs.
    • Evaluating student mastery of specified instructional objectives.
    • Basic decisions regarding grading, promotion, retention, and graduation upon student performance of instructional objectives.
    • Ensuring that students spend sufficient amounts of time on task to support mastery of basic skills.

       2.  To provide educational programs which will offer experiences             conducive  to cultural, physical, social, and moral development             of  students by:

    • Providing art, music, band, athletics, physical education, and clubs.
    • Helping students acquire social and emotional maturity through the development of constructive attitudes, self-discipline, respect for others and a continuing quest for knowledge.
    • Fostering the growth of good character traits in every student such as honesty, helpfulness, reliability, loyalty, friendliness, dependability, cooperation, respect, and courtesy. Providing learning experiences and activities that help the child develop a positive self-concept of a sound body as well as a sound mind.