Earliest Photo taken of Bay Springs
Jasper County was formed in 1833 out of Jones and Wayne Counties. It is the only county in the State that has two old highways crossing in it. The 'Old Jackson Millitary Highway' from New Orleans to Nashville crosses the upper branch of the Federal Horse Path (Road) from Evergreen, Alabama to Natchez about three miles north of Bay Springs. The Federal Road followed the older path 'Three Chopped Way' from Savanah, Georgia to Natchez, Mississippi.  It was one of the first mail routes and was the first road through Alabama. (This information from rootsweb)
Jasper is one of ten counties in Mississippi that has two county seats and so two courthouses.

"The Jasper County Historical Pages" by Keith Eddins Wilkerson
These pages are a work in progress and represent my attempts to record a blend of historical and personal reflections relating to the communities and landmarks within and near Jasper County, Mississippi. I invite your suggestions, corrections, additional information, additional photographs, and any accounts of personal experience. If you can offer any input, please contact me at the supplied address. Very little documentation is available in regards to these communities. With your help, I hope to put together a few pages that capture the flavor of life that our ancestors experienced as well as a tangible asset to be passed along to our grandchildren.

The county was named for Willliam Jasper, Revolutionary War Hero.

Courthouse Bay Springs
Front of newly contructed courthouse in 1907
facing downtown Bay Springs. The front became the back when Highway 15 was con-structed. The small buildling is the first jail.
Downtown Montrose when it was located on the railroad tracks. The sign on the two buildings are 'Montrose Drug Co. and Post Office' and 'C.W.Alexander' who was Lillous Faye Shoemaker's grandfather. Note sawmill and smoke stacks in the background.

MS Conference Training School - Montrose      Stafford Springs, MS
Montrose School & Students in 1910
Stafford Hotel, Stafford Springs in the 1940's

County Officials
Economic Development

There's a collection of old photographs hanging in the Old Post Office Building in Bay Springs. It is now owned by Magnolia State Bank in Bay Springs and is available for viewing by appointment only.
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